"just label it"
Truth in Labeling

New York State needs a Standard of Identity for Honey to combat adulterated import honey


Adulteration hurts the reputation of honey as a high quality wholesome and natural food, imperils the viability of beekeepers and packers through unfair competition, and threatens the health and confidence of consumers. Protection of New York beekeepers and honey producers from unfair mixing, blending and sale of cheap inferior products gives the industry the strength and professionalism to elevate the product and the producers in offering the

Pride of New York.

Honey Standards of Identity: Truth in Labelling

 Honey Standards of Identity: Truth in Labelling (5:02)
When looking over the shelves at the supermarket, it’s not often that we  question whether or not what’s on the label is what’s really in the  jar. In the case of honey, is the honey truly from clover, orange  blossom or buckwheat, and, is it even 100% honey??? Beekeeper Pat Bono is working to change the way honey is labelled in the United States. 

Honey should meet a specific compostion

a more definitive description of pure honey is needed

 Question:Do you want honey cut with corn syrup or do you want pure honey?
Answer: Say "yes" to pure honey!